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Lily Allen Defends ARTFLOP

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Lady Gaga has called Lilly Allen "very sweet" after hearing of her recent supportive comments.

Lily Allen recently defended the relatively poor sales of Gaga's ARTPOP album, saying that she should be "commended" for staying true to herself.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills, Gaga called for all artists to support each other, rather than create rifts.

She said: "That's very sweet, I've always been a very big fan of hers and I appreciate her standing up for artists and for me in particular, that's really admirable for her to do that.

"I think all artists should stand by one another. When it becomes a competition then we're not supporting creativity and art, but when you support one another wholeheartedly then you're supporting everyone and anything to make what they love."

She added: "I thought that was very sweet, so thank you Lily, you're lovely."

Allen had previously said: "If she's not succeeding commercially because she's standing by what she does as art, then that's a f**king great thing.

"That's to be commended. That's what makes a martyr. There's nothing wrong with that."

Lady Gaga recently revealed that she has enough material for a second installment of ARTPOP, and that she may release it in the coming months.

It's really cute that Lily's such a Gaga stan and is always sticking up for her like this. <3 I would die for a collab between this two, and I know it would do wonders for both of their careers!

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