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Aly & AJ / 78Violet Online Petition for 2nd Shelved Album


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Our beloved member "Infidelity" made an online petition to the Michalka sisters in order to release their second shelved album "Hothouse".

That's right, shelved :(

After a small talk with their produced, the legendary David Kahne, he mentioned that the girls are pursuing the market and their new potential label wants them to record a whole new album BUT saving "Boy" which also will be re-recorded, they want an album full of songs like "Boy".

To many of us it's truly sad and even unfair that they recorded an album and teased us with a few tracks live last year. Besides, David believes his work was amazing and it's proud of what he has done with the girls.

If you are interested in hear the full thing please sign and share this petition.


Note: If you have your facebook logged in it's quickier to sign the petition.

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It annoys me so much that they have two unreleased albums under their belt. Four if you want to count the two demo albums as well. What disgusts me are the endless and empty promises they give their fans.

I know how you feel :(

The worst part is that all their music is amazing!

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I think whoever made that petition is acting kind of self-entitled and douchey...If I were Aly or AJ reading that, I definitely wouldn't want to leak an album for that fan. :vacuum:

I'm signing it anyway tho as I really wanna hear this! :'( Why can't they just release it in EP or mixtape form?

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