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Two Truths and A Lie Game


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I think number three isn't true, you disgusting liar. :morning:

1. I once vomited after trying to swallow someone's load.

2. I once gave such deep head that I popped all the blood vessels around my eyes and looked like I had some deadly rash for the next few days.

3. I once gave five bjs in the space of an hour.

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#1 was the lie, I have a daughter named after Lana. Do you not remember Elizabeth Ray? :morning:

I'm going to say #2 because that's the only thing that I haven't experienced.

Omg, oops. :stretcher: But I'm sure Lana has mentioned the name 'Lizzy' in one of her songs! I refuse to say I've lost. :morning:

But no, it was actually #3. Swallowing that much cum would make me bloated and I ain't having that. :morning:

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Uncle had his debt catch up to him and he had to borrow money from my dad

Awww no, that's so unfair! :'( At least she's there for a while tho so you may be able to get there eventually. I live on the other side of the world so I'll never even see the show. :(

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1. I have 4 Judy Garland barbies.

2. I currently have 8 copies of The Wizard Of Oz

3. I was gifted a Judy Garland record for Christmas by a stranger on another forum.

I'm gonna guess that the second one is a lie. Knowing you, you would have at least 10 copies. :morning:

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