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Garth Brooks


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Let's discuss the biggest name in country music history  :rockon:

If you don't know who Garth is, let me explain. Between 1989 & 2000, he was the biggest artist out there. 22 #1 songs, 28 Top 10 Hits- legit, no one since has compared to the amount of success he had. His music charted pop & country charts worldwide, though, the majority of his success was in the good ol' USA.

Imagine how huge Gaga was in 2009, loved by the world, hits popping out like crazy- but it lasting over a decade. He was as big, if not bigger, than Elvis, Elton John, The Beatles & Michael Jackson. He has sung mostly country, but has dipped into pop/rock/blues from time to time.

He started an uproar when he released his Life Of Chris Gains album. He had a new name (Chris Gains) new look (dark hair, ditched the cowboy hat & dark clothes), new sound (alternative/pop/rock) & it confused the world. The sudden change was promo for a movie based on the fictional life of rock star Chris Gains, which Garth was set to play the title Character which sadly, was never released. But the album is one of the best albums of the 90s & is extremely underappreciated due to his country roots.

I'll be working on a mega post soon so y'all inferiors can praise this country god.  :hail:  :rockon:

Btw, if any of y'all speak a bad word about Garth, I will burn your house down. Insulting Garth is just as bad as insulting Judy & I'm not here for that mess  :morning:

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