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Selena Gomez Readying New Music?

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Confirmed by Austin Mahewn!


Mahone confirmed their friendship at a Grammy event last weekend. "We're super close friends. She has some new music coming out. She showed me some of her music and it's incredible," he told PEOPLE at the Universal Music Group 2014 Post Grammy Party.

I can't wait tbh. Stars Dance is a total jam and one of the funnest albums of last year. I hope she brings it again with some hot dance songs and more 'Birthday''s! ;)

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I'm here for the Britney collabo, bitch better work with Selegend, since I know she won't put her on a song like SMS Banherz  :vacuum: :vacuum: :vacuum:

This would actually be amazing. :hail: Their vocals are actually pretty similiar so they'd gel well unlike Miley and Brit! :vacuum:

That would be a good one too! But seriously, we're all still waiting for "My Dilemma 2.0". RockMafia should just leak it. :morning:

This is the weirdest thing ever. People are actually getting excited over a Flo Rida song. :stretcher:

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I just wanna hear it cause they use the demo as the base track.

Oooh, really?! I didn't know that! I still don't know why they didn't just release it as a promo single or something. It seems weird to put that much work into it and then just cancel it out of nowhere.

Agree 100%, I'm still praying for the demo of Wiplash, so then we can get a good mashup

Yesssssss, someone needs to leak it. :'( #BringBackiLeaks #LeakWhiplash

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