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Sky Ferreira Illuminati Sacrifice REVEALED!

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We all know & love the legendary Eartha Kit

(you lessers may know her from these gifs on pretty much every forum)


[img width=300 height=218] 2qc14s9.gif

or her character Madame Zeroni from the hit movie Holes

[img width=400 height=317] tumblr_m6cyv1rzKi1qefovfo1_400.jpg

or her infamous role as Yzma on The Emperor's New Groove


therefore, we must ask, was Eartha sacrificed for the illuminati? OH COURSE SHE WAS! All celebrity's are used as sacrifices at some point in their lives, sooner  if they plan to reveal the illuminati, later if they follow their rules & accept their sacrifice towards Satan.

Look at the facts, Eartha died in 2008, the next year, Sky Ferreira was in 3 music videos & establishing a music career. Could it all be a coincidence? Sure, but look at the gif below, Eartha looks like Sky, or should I say SKY STOLE EARTHA'S IDENTITY AS APART OF AN ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE!

[img width=320 height=190]



1. Eartha & Sky were/are underrated as hell but had/have a strong loyal fan base

2. Neither one has ever (as never will) have a #1 song due to a blatant lack of appreciation for their talent

3. Both have done drugs

4. Both of them have breathed oxygen, drank water & used the bathroom at some point in their lives

[img width=400 height=225]



Another thing that has caught my attention is Sky's song I Blame Myself. The lyrics are quite obviously about her dealings with the illuminati & her regret for killing someone as legendary as Eartha Kitt.

"Underneath it all

I know it's not your fault"

This is clearly a line of regret for her murder.

"How could you know what it feels like

To fight the hounds of hell?

You think you know me so well

How could you know what it feels like

To be outside yourself?"

When performing a sacrifice towards Satan, you are obligated to walk past the hounds of hell, they are able to smell fear & snitches. The old saying goes 'snitches get bitches' but really, snitches get pushed off of buildings (LINA MORGANA)

"You think you know me so well"

Yes Sky, the illuminati does know you, they know everything, all of your memories were placed there by them. "How could you know what it feels like to be outside of yourself" This is a very powerful line. After a sacrifice, your original soul is send to purgatory to watch as your new soul is placed on this earth. To be 'outside yourself' is a direct reference towards Sky's original soul showing her new soul the truth.

"I blame, I blame, blame myself for my reputation"

Guilt is continuing to seem into Sky's brain. Her reputation as a 'flop' is due to her own disobedience towards her masters. There's no one to blame but herself. She has every opprotunity to become the next super star, but her orginial soul has become too poweful. With the growing attention she's getting online, the illumanit knows that just killing her will be too difficult of a task. Her 'drug bust' several months ago was nothing but a ploy. If her masters are able to make the media view her a drug addict, her death will seem somewhat expected. 

"I'm just a face without a choice"

Again, referencing her lack of choice in her career & mind. She doesn't view herself as a person anymore, but just an empty soul, another face in the crowd in this illuminati run world.

In conclusion, Sky Ferreira is just another illuminati whore placed on the internet to distract us from the truth. Any of you who see this as a joke are already brainwashed. To un-brainwash yourself, please send me all of your Sky cds, posters & any other sort of media/memorabilia. You are too weak to know how to handle this properly & sending me your collection is the only way to handle this safely. 

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