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Ke$ha Shooting Two New Music Videos!

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So these images have been circulating the web today of K$ shooting videos for...




Dirty Love!

[img width=500 height=596]http://25.media.tumblr.com/735da5b7d78da31f1d041f7c4ce12f8e/tumblr_mvcq6yVtcu1ri8x0co1_500.png

I'M EXCITED! :excited: Even though I doubt her label will even release another single, I would love to see 'Supernatural' as the next choice. Such a flawless song! :hail:

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I read that the label is planning to push "Supernatural" as the next single. Whether it will materialize, I'm not sure, but I know the single is in the works.

Oh, well that's kind of exciting I guess! I doubt it will be the hit she needs but at least we'll get a flawless video and maybe some live performances! ;)

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