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First PopHatesFags Competition!

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Hey you guys!

I have some really exciting news for you today! We'll be holding our first competition this week, starting Monday at 1:00 a.m. and ending next Monday at 1:00 a.m. (PHF time).

The competition is basically to come up with a promotional advertisement for PopHatesFags. The ad can take the form of anything you want: it can be a song, a video, a poster, an essay or any other thing you want!

The prize for the competition is an unreleased song from the artist of your choice. You have a pretty big list of songs to choose from, including Nicole Scherzinger, Kerli, Dev, Mya, Ciara, etc. If you're wondering about a specific artist then just send me a PM and I'll let you know if I have a song by them I can give you as a prize!

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in this thread or in a personal message. Good luck you guys!

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That too.

"You may say, I lost everything. But I still had my be-dazzler, and I had a lot of patches, shiny ones from M&J Trimming. So I wreaked havoc on some old denim, and I did what any girl would do, I did it all over again."

I'm going to bedazzle the fuck out of this promo thingy.


i'm intrigued tbh

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Are we allowed to submit multiple variations? Like if we make a banner, can we submit one that would fit a Facebook banner and a similar version that would fit a standard forum signature size?

Edit: Basic concept of what I was thinking ;-;


Obviously a lot needs to be changed, artists need to be resized but whatever. ;-;

this looks amazing boo! i love the idea, and of course you're allowed to submit as many versions as you'd like. :)

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Guest Roman Miller


omfg i LOVE this!

Haha, i glad you liked. The quallity sucks, but in the original file the quality is amazing.

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