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New Shop Feature!

Main Pop Girl

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Hey you guys!

So as you might have noticed, there's a new tab on your menu. The shop is the upcoming place to spend your hard earned credits that a lot of you have noticed appear under your display names! You gain $5 per new topic created and $1 per new post.

At the moment most of the items there are related to your status on the forum. You can change your username, display name, post count and amount of money by buying different items. However, we will soon be adding new things to buy such as exclusive songs and photos, so get posting!

Have fun!

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I've added a few songs to the shop - let me know what you guys think and what kind of songs you'd be interested in buying!

You can also buy credits with your own "real life" money. The deals look like this:

$1 = 20 credits

$10 = 250 credits

$20 = 650 credits

$30 = 1500 credits

$50 = 5000 credits

Enjoy you guys!

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