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PopHatesFags is Hiring!

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Hey you guys!

I'm making this thread because we're desperately in need of some new staff! Up until now I've been doing everything by myself. But now we're bringing the blog back I'll be needing a few people to help out!

First of all, we need some writers who can work on the blog with me. You'd be expected to make a few posts a week, which will then be automatically posted to the forum as well. You'll be expected to have a good grasp of the English language and a decent writing style.

Secondly, we'll be needing some forum moderators. As we're quite a small forum at the moment, the moderators won't really have to do much deleting of topics or banning of members - rather, you'll be expected to help people out if they need help with the site, move topics that are posted in the wrong section, etc.

If you're interested in applying for either of these jobs, let me know via PM or e-mail!

P.S.: Unfortunately, as not even I'm making a profit right now, these jobs are of course on a volunteer basis. ;)

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