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I made a promise when I was 11 that I wouldn't marry anyone until same sex marriage was legalized in every state. That same year, I also promised to never wear converse, never quit playing piano, and to always wear my hair in a ponytail...  Well, here I am, on the verge of 23, engaged, and planning my wedding. My L/G friends are pissed at me for being so 'selfish' How is it selfish of me to express my love, to make a vow, to make a legal statement? I have fought for lgbt equality since I was a child. I have been bullied, beaten, harassed, threatened and isolated over my support. In all honesty, I've gone through more shit over my beliefs than a lot of gay and lesbian friends of mine did when they came out. Not to sound shitty by saying that, but it's the truth. I've never backed down from a fight over my beliefs. I have been to dozens upon dozens of protest, rallies, support meetings, signed petitions, put my heart and soul into making a difference for the lives of my family, friends, strangers and myself. I'm bisexual, but a man happened to be who I feel in love with. I did consider marrying my first love (who was female) but I was young (17) and didn't want to end up regretting it. If I were to marry a woman, would it still be selfish? Would I still be 'ignoring the l/g community?' Would I be such a 'hypocritical cunt?' I believe that after all I've done, all that I'll continue to do, I can't be seen as the enemy here. I wish I could see my brother and his boyfriend marry. I wish I could see marriage equality for all, I wish I could make a bigger difference, but reality is, it's something that's going to take awhile to pass. Hell, interracial marriage has only been legal in all 50 states for what, 10 years or so? I do have hope for America, my generation is becoming more and more open to homosexuality, but until my generation is running the country, it's not going to fully pass. I wish it were different, but that's the truth. I think it's selfish for others to try to guilt me into no marrying the love of my life. Yeah, marriage isn't legal for all, but what is banning my marriage doing for you? If anything, you're setting an awful example for those defending marriage equality. I'm just sick of all the hate spewing my way. What if Gaga married a her bf? Would she be selfish? Would she be ignoring same-sex marriage rights?

Thoughts? Do you think true lgbtapi supporters should wait until marriage passed? Do you think I'm a hypocrite for breaking a promise I made years ago? Do you think people should feel guilt free as long as they're continuing to fight for equality?

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Wtf at people being mean to you about this! Imo, even though I think it's a nice thing to do, waiting until marriage is equal everywhere is also very difficult especially considering you don't know how long you'd have to wait.

It's like if someone had diabetes and you were trying to help them through it...Obviously you're not gonna wave an ice cream in front of their face but that doesn't mean you can't eat it yourself. People need to stop being such bitches and just be happy for you babe! <3

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