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  1. Yay check out my comp (fanmade album) w all of those official studio scraps, not recordings or snips here: https://dbree.org/v/52d8d4 idk if i should put this one here or... well u get me
  2. a lot of leaks happening this year as it seems
  3. Oh i know you and mentioned you on a previous post about some Sassadee/you/golden and alltheluv thing for all those past grails like Taxi itself and EOY
  4. How in the hell is Ain't Easy circulating after almost 4 years
  5. She basically said "in this place i have these hardcore, hardcore fans that know every single song, right?"... camila: scar tissue ,ya"ll know that one? Crowd: YEEEAAHAJDKRLFLEJRJ etc
  6. She's cool w (unreleased) leaks and even calls us "hardcore fans" for knowing every leaked track LMAO they be arguing w the wall
  7. I love Mila but i hate her fans, so weird and awkward
  8. Just leak a few more and my conceptual album will be done LMAO
  9. Just fxed the extension and it worked thx anyway keep em coming hahsh
  10. And btw leaks won't end as more ppl will do the same shit y'all did so, not worried
  11. This kinda reminds me of all that Golden-wokegirl-sassadee-alltheluv situation for eyes on you and other hardtoget tracks
  12. No we are not lmao he got us the tracks for free by himself
  13. Simple, stay away from buying unreleased stuff. You could avoid all this mess
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