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  1. An insider said a few months ago the lead single is an unexpected collab
  2. Can't believe after my expose thread of Crownx/Unreleased... people have become best friends with them again on leaked.is, like are they dumb... I guess you can't help some people. Can't wait to see the report a scammer thread soon or have people in my dms who didn't listen Anyways, can't wait for the lead single whenever that comes, unfortunate that it's collab but hopefully it won't flop
  3. Got to be honest I’m not sure, I’ve learnt how unreleased types, even when she try’s to cover it. And it doesn’t look like her. But I could be wrong Each time the hoe makes an account though I’m gonna let you guys know as I don’t want this happening again
  4. Sorry that happened to you, unreleased is a stupid hoe. Hopefully nobody does any business with them again from now on.
  5. WARNING unreleased/angelsky/lara... is BACK on discord as “byeeee#7658” Sorry to keep mentioning them, but I really don’t want more people being messed around by them. Especially since they stan Camila. Stream the sensual bop recorded in 2017, Witness, as we have witnessed a hoe tryna crawl back
  6. Thank you for clarifying sweetnere, glad you came forward so everyone can understand
  7. Oh lmao sorry, I misunderstood. Is it actually circulating? I haven’t heard anything except that insider have it
  8. yeah it was part of a tv show, she recorded the demo and the winner got to re-record and release it or sumn
  9. Ah thanks, glad you saved us a job. Pls in future. Don’t lie or mess with people
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