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  1. it will, we just need to find the song the owner wants 🙄
  2. thank you to all the fans who bought the songs for everybody i enjoy them all Just sad to still not have Taste the feeling and GIAW
  3. TBH. And @AngelSky said at least 4 guys were trading GIAW and that the song will leak soon but it's been 2 months and still nothing. And i can't find the 4 people with it 😥 So i don't know what to think. And the original buyer is gone so i start to think we will never get this song 😭 Clearly it's not circulating at all 😭
  4. buying from the source ? how much is it ? and i guess the song will leak just after the purchase ?
  5. It's been few days they say the site will be back and still nothing.
  6. If even you start to play this game ... ☠️
  7. leak cassadee featuring kesha my way ariana criminals and look at us meghan
  8. @Music Xclusive what are the other Camila circulating besides Could Have Been ?
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