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  1. No fucking way!! This made my day, I've been waiting SO LONG for "Feed your Love"❤️
  2. I'm a Sagittarius, it's pretty obvious During one of my first studio sessions in LA the producer had another girl there from NYC who was also working on her music. She was super into astrology & "fortune telling", (I've had ESP & premonitions my entire life & no one who's truly gifted would ever charge anyone money, it's spiritual law) & she was literally shook when I told her I was a Sagittarius with a Leo moon & Scorpio rising,
  3. "Creepin" -BS (2010)  tenor.gif

  4. I'm screaming, it's old news MDC is Country Love, they attempted to come at me in the Trading Thread, he's quick to say "have a mod check" when it's very clear he's using a VPN. This psycho is really out here quoting me in shit I'm not even involved in, truly living rent free in their psychotic mind
  5. Does anyone know which Zella Day tracks are circluating? I have over a dozen, but I'm trying to track down what I'm missing
  6. Ew, stop entertaining bullshit. It obviously wasn't true...believing tacky lies from a member who literally joined 2 months ago with 8 posts & a Breathe in Breathe Out profile picture isn't wise. Especially when you're implying you want an OG member of the site's (nonexistant) dirty laundry aired out publicly...not a good look at all.
  7. Damn, I really been on this site for 6 fuckin years!? 🤯

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Happy six year anniversary! :hail: We're so lucky to have you to share your Kylie love with us!

    2. RedBloodedWoman
  8. It's super stripped back, it was a rough acoustic idea ala Bring Me Home Brit & Michell did without any other producers
  9. Only took a few minutes to re-do, hope you enjoy https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/vJ63PaR7/file.html
  10. Let me see if I still have it, I'll re-up if I do. If not I'll remake it
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