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  1. Milk & Honey...I know watchu need ;)

  2. Does anyone know which Zella Day tracks are circluating? I have over a dozen, but I'm trying to track down what I'm missing
  3. Ew, stop entertaining bullshit. It obviously wasn't true...believing tacky lies from a member who literally joined 2 months ago with 8 posts & a Breathe in Breathe Out profile picture isn't wise. Especially when you're implying you want an OG member of the site's (nonexistant) dirty laundry aired out publicly...not a good look at all.
  4. Damn, I really been on this site for 6 fuckin years!? 🤯

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Happy six year anniversary! :hail: We're so lucky to have you to share your Kylie love with us!

    2. RedBloodedWoman
  5. It's super stripped back, it was a rough acoustic idea ala Bring Me Home Brit & Michell did without any other producers
  6. Only took a few minutes to re-do, hope you enjoy https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/vJ63PaR7/file.html
  7. Let me see if I still have it, I'll re-up if I do. If not I'll remake it
  8. + most importantly Grafitti My Soul in Britney's vocals that "scared" Cheryl smh
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