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  1. add Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall (TBA but will be this year!) Already Singles Released: Bloody Valentine and Concert With Aliens out next week!
  2. May have to ask the admin of it, they don't have invites open atm.
  3. hai trav :D im been doing good, how about you ^-^
  4. Hey there, hope i'm doing this right, I am an newbie, just joined about 10 minutes ago! I used to be a big forum user back in the days...I quite retired from it. But since Pop is slowly coming back, wanted a place that keeps me up to date with that stuff, so here I am. I got invited to the discord group and thought to check this site out. Who I stan for at this moment is Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud, Ariana Grande, Denis Stoff, Nick Jonas/Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello and many more, it changes a lot, I pretty much enjoy anything with a catchy tune...I can listen to
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