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    2. Whoknowsmehere


      Thanks for the info.  But I still think we are better off staying right here on PHF.

    3. Vixen Eyes

      Vixen Eyes

      ive been there since 2014 and all the drama stays within the respective subjects.

      you can have the mods/admins take your access away from both sections.

      plus theres a Haus of Whores (18+) section where we can post p*rn videos and nudes.

    4. Whoknowsmehere


      If you are looking for a place where the drama is pretty much, next to nil, then, sharemania.us is the place for you.  No, there is no adult section.  But who cares. There is a vast ocean of adult material, if that is what you are in search of, on the vast and ever expanding place, called.....The Internet....


      I will admit, for the sake of fairness, state, that yes, during my time at FOTP, I did find some good music, and music related stuff.  As well as, share more than my share of music, and music related stuff.  But we have that here as well. 


      Another site I would recommend over FOTP any day, would be, madonna-infinity.  Good stuff and very little drama.  It is a bit slow at the moment due to the change over.  It will get back to normal soon. 

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