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  1. An intro of a song. So i guess it's just blablabla ? I was hearing "I love" or "our love is calling".
  2. To @Skinny Legend I notice Vowels accounts has been completely deleted (even all his messages). Like if he had never existed ... Did Vowels ask you to remove his account for some reasons ? I ask because i know he was a good hacker. So i was curious to know if you removed his account or if he did it by himself by hacking ...
  3. I noticed a lot of people are talking about the forum on the discord, even about the stories that happen on here but strangely they aren't connected on the forum since a while (even in anonymous). In fact, lot of members receive all the new posts by mail and so, don't even dare to connect on the forum. They only read the mails and that's all. Some people even do that with private messages. They read the pm by mail and if they are not interested, they don't even take time to connect on the forum to reply or to simply make the conversation as "read". Sometimes they also use that to scam. They receive the song by mail/pm but never reply by sending their song in return. And the victim is like "does he read my pm ? Is he dead ?". It's annoying tbh. This is the first forum i know where things are like that. And i was wondering if it's still a good idea. Maybe the forum needs some changes to have more activity or members visiting this place ? I think being alert by mail when we receive a pm, without the possibility to read the content, could be a good idea. We could finally be aware if the person have really read our pm or not. And about what's going on on the forum, i think we should stop sending the content of every post by mail. If people want to know what's going on, they have to connect to the forum. Because what's the point to connect to the forum when you already read the message on your mail ?
  4. Help me understand these lyrics please, thanks in advance https://wi.to/370dc8723781162a
  5. Yes, DM me if you have some rare songs to trade.

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