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  1. LittleJackk

    Albums coming in 2019

    add Billie Eilish -- When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go to March and Mars Argo -- TBA to TBA
  2. LittleJackk

    Make an assumption about a member

    @everyone here is a closeted Melanie stan.
  3. LittleJackk

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    But there’s lots of different versions of this album: 2012 version 2014 version Guppy version (2015-2016) And the new version she started working on in 2017. and none of them got released
  4. LittleJackk

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    Yes Vacation Bible School & Star are the only songs we have, but a lot of the songs were sold to Slayyyter and she released them (Hello Kitty, Come C My Tits, Alone)
  5. LittleJackk

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

  6. The snippet of Guaranteed For Life sounds like shit. Excited for Nothing at All tho
  7. LittleJackk

    Mars Argo Masterpost

    It’s missing A LOT. Living It (Sheraton final version) Seventeen Technology is a dead Bird (Johnny K Reprise) and lots of leaked snippets, and live recordings of unleaked songs like Angel
  8. LittleJackk

    Pop The Balloons/Charli XCX Leak Thread

    450$? I have to laugh lmao it’s not even that rare and almost 3 minutes of the song have leaked
  9. LittleJackk

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    The album version of Ghost is Wild at Heart, not I’m Not Alright which is another scrapped album by her. You’re Not The One, Pretty Dull & Boys are not from Wild at Heart. Hallucination (“I’m not Dead”) was recorded for one of her other scrapped albums, Cry Baby (2010). Someone already mentioned the real title of New New New New is Cecil Diamonds. 2 snippets leaked and someone on soundcloud is selling it. Hope that helps I know a lot about Sky btw if you have any questions ask me
  10. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    ..potential to shoot up a school
  11. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    I won’t be streaming any songs by sociopathic liars who need severe mental help 💋
  12. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    I ain’t spilling any tea on her if ur going to snitch on me again
  13. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    Rat omg, why did you snitch The tea is she’s a disgusting person & doesn’t deserve any support!
  14. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    It has nothing to do with her stanning him even though that’s disgusting and makes her a worse person, She was a genuinely rude manipulative person and she’s a compulsive liar. I can spill all the tea. Also not @ her naming this song after her psycho friend who harassed people including me and some of my friends
  15. LittleJackk

    Gabriel - Maryanne Alyssa

    I— I used to know her from my old Mars Argo Instagram fan account. She was such a rat, I hate her. I’m not saying this because she’s a horrible person but I don’t like the song at all. Those cheap ass garageband drums & guitar

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