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  1. A "street bitch" ? Homegirl DRUGGED people. Never has a "street rapper" glorified robbing drugged men. Can we cancel her already ?
  2. I feel mixed about the whole situation like why would a celebrity on one of the biggest shows on TV rn stage an attack on his self? For clout? When he's a star in a TV show? For money? Which he has? It doesn't make sense, but also what kind of MAGA support walks around with rope and bleach on hand ? The whole situation is bizarre and only time will tell.
  3. Best Song: ghostin Worst Song: make up Overall: 9/10 Next Album: Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa
  4. Her success is super bizarre, and her claim to fame is trashy, but she's doing something right at least. She's still richer than everyone giving her shit
  5. I'm surprised no one is dying over this Lizzie McGuire was so good and iconic because it was so grounded (until the movie) compared to all the messes Disney puts out now
  6. hi i joined around june 30th, but i've never posted for some reason. Anyhow my name's Anthony and I love Ariana Grande, Little Mix, and a couple other artists. I came here to be with people who have a common interest and to try and get into music trading, but I have no idea how to Oh I also have a Youtube channel with a cringey name and in desperate need of repair https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCozinkmQUzpYvJjFYHLRukw/
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