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    Interview: Lolene On Labels, Lindsay & What's Next


    "Welcome to The Electrick Hotel!"

    These were the immortal words spoken by 28-year old Britpop star Lolene Everett, known eponymously as Lolene, back in 2010 on her debut album, The Electrick Hotel. Since checking in, Lolene has continued to amaze us with her quirky fashion and fun, catchy music which she describes as "awkward-pop". Despite label dramas, moving back to her home in England, and collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg and David Guetta, the singer has remained humble, focused and determined to succeed no matter what obstacles stand in her way - a drive reflected in the title of her recent EP, She's Got A Pulse.

    Check out our interview below to find out what she's been up to lately, what really went down with her label, and that Tulisa shade...


    Hi Lolene! How are you today?

    Hey there! I'm doing great thanks, how are you?

    We're great! We wanted to start by talking about your early career as a singer-songwriter. You were signed to Sony ATV in 2008 where you released two successful singles, 'Sexy People' and 'Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)', before your album was prematurely leaked months before the scheduled release. How do you think the leak affected your career?

    I actually signed to J.R. Rotem and Sony that year but only as a writer. I signed with EMI Capitol Records as an artist in 2009 where we released those songs. 'Sexy People' did fantastic and was a great intro from me so that was lovely. 'Rich' I'm really proud of but due to leaks and label changes this song never really had a chance in the charts. However the love from fans was, and still is, awesome so that's all that matters. The leaks are just a part of today's music industry and EMI were undergoing so many changes as a company it just became impossible as a new artist to be home there.

    Following this, you started working on your Cracked NOT Broken mixtape, which was released in 2010, and which became a sort of underground hit. How did the mixtape come about?

    I was fed up of waiting on the label and decided to fuse together songs I love with my own vibe. It was a creative outlet for me at the time and a positive step in the right direction of branching out! Music therapy! Mixtape all day! It was cool.
    It seems like Sony was going through a lot of changes during this period. How do you think that affected you as an artist? What led to your ultimate decision to leave the label?
    It was EMI that had the changes. I'm still with Sony ATV as a writer and very happy. EMI didn't have the tools to launch new artists at the time I didn't feel, and all efforts seemed to go to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album (which is a very good album!). I guess that was the safe bet and as they were being bought out they had to play safe - and there is only so much limited resources can do I guess. I had fun there though and am grateful for the start but I didn't get the support I worked hard for.
    Around this time you were also working on a lot of songs like 'Drum Dumb' and 'Oh Lola', which you later released independently on an EP titled She's Got A Pulse in 2012. Suddenly hundreds of Lolene fans were coming out of the woodwork and you were setting the blogosphere alight! How do you feel about having such a well received response?
    It feels great! These songs were completely indie and I just wanted to release music and be alive, label or not! I'm so grateful for my fans who are all that matter at the end of the day. Labels come and go - fans are for life!
    How difficult was it to release the album independently? Do you see yourself signing with another label any time soon?
    If the right situation comes up I'd love to because, let's face it, they are a big machine that can open doors I can not. It wasn't difficult to release indie but I would have liked to have had the support so I could play live which I love! And tour. So hopefully soon.
    The last time we heard, you were back living in London. What have you been up to since the EP last year? Are there any plans to try and crack the U.S. again?
    I'm in Europe, yes - it's so cool to be near family and mix it up. I do however love America and defs plan on coming back but you know I'm enjoying making music in Europe for a while - but hey, the worlds a small place! I get those air miles working, lol.
    You mentioned a while back that you were in Sweden recording some new songs, and a few weeks ago on Twitter, you alluded to a new project in the works, including a "Bondish" song! Are there any plans to release those songs any time in the future?
    I really enjoy Sweden and the music I make there. It's become somewhat of a third home! Yes, my style has changed a lot and I'm making really honest, cinematic music so let's see what happens!
    It seems like you've collaborated with half of the music industry, from Christina Milian and Kanye West to Sam Sparro! One of our readers, @omgitsandrew, wanted to know about your work with David Guetta. Will this ever be released?
    David is amazing, and before the Peas recorded 'Gettin' Over You' he gave me a chance on the song but I guess he couldn't pass on the Peas! Who would!? So no, it's not my song to release, but David is a fantastic guy and I see him around from time to time and it was a great experience.
    Another user by the name of @Cypher wanted to know about your track with Lindsay Lohan, 'Too Young To Die'. How did that song come about? Did you record a version that may be released in the future?
    Ok, so J.R. Rotem asked me to write for Lindsay and that was one of the tracks I wrote for her. It was before her trouble and kind of creepy that things unfolded for her the way they did. She did a great job! And I'm really proud of that song.
    Years ago, when the Disco Vagina blog was still active, you also mentioned a song you'd recorded with Snoop Dogg. What became of this song? Are there any plans to revive the Disco Vagina blog?
    That track got leaked so Snoopy Dog decided not to use it. It was called '˜Twilight', but no plans to release - I don't even have it! I guess it was just one of those things. I really liked working with him and actually he was going to feature on 'Rich', my first single, but the label decided to use him on 'California Gurls' instead and release it at the same time so he couldn't do both. It's all good though, I still love 'Rich' with or without a feature!
    On Twitter recently you also threw a little shade at your fellow Brit pop star, Tulisa! What happened there? Is there any dirt you can dish?
    Oh, nothing, she's whatever. I just hate drugs and what they can potentially do to people and lets just say on our one interaction I found her to be less than endearing... I'm just glad that someone who wears some of the glad rags she gets up in isn't judging other people anymore because frankly she doesn't hold the credentials. Ooops. Now you know I'm always nice boo, but sometimes you have to say it like it is!
    What artists have you yet to work with that you would love to?

    Kate Bush would be a dream! Annie Lennox and Example!

    What can followers expect from you in the coming months?

    Just that I'm working on music always and won't stop because I can't! These dreams own me and I still have so many to fulfill!

    Are there any last words you'd like to say to your fans?

    Yes, that you're all incredibly delicious and lovely and even though we may not talk everyday I know your there and value and appreciate every single one of you and thank you for your patience and support while mama battles through this music business! It ain't pretty but hopefully the music will be!

    Lolene, thank you so much for a great interview! We really appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


    You can follow Lolene on Twitter here and express your thoughts on the interview in the comments down below. Thank you to Miss Foo Foo for a great interview! Don't forget to stay tuned to #PopHatesFlops for more exclusive interviews!

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