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Super Mario RPG (Remake) | 11/17/23


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Literally been waiting 3 decades for this. Easily the best announcement from the recent Nintendo Direct, Tears of the Kingdom DLC would've been nice too but maybe they'll announce that in the fall direct for a winter release alongside the 2 new amiibo from the Direct.

But anyway! Makes sense now why the original game was never put on the Nintendo Switch Online.  And maybe, now that they are officially releasing it, this will open the door for the characters, like the beloved Geno finally making his way into the next Smash Bros, as well as a true sequel finally if the sales are as good as I predict they will be.

November, get here soon 🙏 

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11 hours ago, Leaving said:

I honestly didn't even know the original game existed until I saw the remake announced! It looks like a cool vibe and turn-based RPGs are kinda my thing so I'll check it out.

Exactly same! When was there ever a first Super Mario RPG? Ooof. But, I bet my brother would like this! 

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Can confirm, after 100% completion, this is probably one of Nintendos most faithful and perfect remakes.

From start to finish, everything was perfection. Do I wish they'd added more new content? Sure. Who wouldn't want more Mallow and Geno. Do I think what they did add was good enough? Of course. Post game super bosses that lead up to a "super secret boss", won't spoil anything but it was awesome. I'm considering a second playthrough already. (Only thing holding me from doing it is I finally got into Xenoblade Chronicles, after owning all 3 on Switch but not being able to click with it, blazed thru 1 and 2 and am finally doing 3 lol)

I did cry, lol, at the credits because it dawned on me, 27 years later we finally got a remake, and I feel older than I am.

My main hope is the sales reflect well and finally push Nintendo to do an actual sequel, same style and such. Paper Mario is good and fine but Mario RPG is just so unique and deserves a direct sequel.


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