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Taylor Swift - Eras (Your Choice)


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Hi Gays

I am assuming there are some Swifties on here? I discovered Taylor in 2006, a few months before I was leaving the UK to go traveling and I knew she would be a massive star. In 2007 I was living in Australia when she toured the Fearless album and she wasn’t at that point overly popular. I bought tickets to her show in Sydney which had between 100-200 people, so a very intimate show. My friend hadn’t heard of her but agreed to go to the show if I bought the alcohol, so naturally we got wankered and I don’t remember too much but the next morning when I put my hand in my pockets I found her guitar pick that she had thrown at the end of the show (apologies to any children who had their arms/legs broken that night) and then 2 years later she was a global star and I saw her play an amazing arena tour in New Zealand - I live in Brazil now and am grateful to say I have seen her twice now because judging by the latest concert drama, there is more chance of developing tits than there is of getting concert tickets.

Anyway, I digress, *flips legs* 

I have had a few drinks and some  a non legal smoke and made a playlist of my favorite song from each of her her 10 albums and was sexually aroused to see how well it flowed as a collection so I am wondering of other opinions. What is your favourite song from each album and if you motherfuckers compiled them together, would they flow like a river to the bastard sea? 

My top 10 is 


Should’ve Said No

Breathe* (my 2nd fave song EVER)


I Knew You Were Trouble*


Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

Call it Want You Want 

The 1

No Body, No Crime (Feat. HAIM) 


What would your top 9 (+1) be? 

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