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An Introduction and Ask for Advice


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Hi lads, ladies and everything in between!

I am joining the site as an older generation gay and aside from downloading from direct links like Dbree or assorted places on the internet I.E YouTube, would anyone have any idea on obtaining much older 10-25 years old obscure, unreleased music? I will put specific requests in the relevant section but for example older stuff like


Michelle Branch - ABSOLUTELY anything that has not been previously leaked like Fall (I KNOW the studio exsists!!) Mastermind (Acoustic) or just...anything and EVERYTHING 

Avril Lavigne the ageless comeback QUEEN - As above

Cassadee Pope - As above (there is a theme here...)

Loote - As above

FeFe Dobson - Firebird 

Marion Raven - Nevermore

Solid Harmonie - Turn the Tide

B*Witched - Unreleased 3rd album

Caprice (Oh Yeah! Once Around the Sun) - Unreleased Album

Michelle McManus - Dancing to a Different Beat Unreleased Album

Nicol (Myspace artist) songs Everybody Knows, Stay, Baby, Haley

Finally there is a band that released a single called Nothing with 2 B-Sides I Made You God & Bungee Jumping on the Stock Exchange - it took me 10 years but I tracked down a copy of their unreleased album but more research said they regrouped briefly under the name Miss Mccabe and recorded an EP? Really random if anybody knows about this?


Thank you for atking the time to read this and happy new year!

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