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Kelly Clarkson’s Prenup Got Upheld

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You could say Kelly Clarkson is “Thankful” for the latest development in her divorce from her former manager Brandon Blackstock. TMZ reported the couple’s prenup has been upheld in their split, a victory Clarkson had been fighting for and one she celebrated when she heard about it on the set of The Voice. The pop star “let out a scream, which then gave way to a celebration,” by TMZ’s description, after she got the news in an email on August 11. As she should have! Her fellow coaches Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton also reportedly joined the festivities. The news hit close to Shelton, who had recently fired Blackstock as his own manager, as Radar also reported, after being his final remaining client.

As for the prenup itself? According to TMZ, it will allow Clarkson to claim all the assets she purchased and paid for during the marriage, to the disappointment of Blackstock, who had been arguing for a more even split. (Per recent reports, Blackstock makes around $10,000 a month, compared with Clarkson’s $1.5 million.) In particular, Blackstock wanted to claim the couple’s Montana ranch to build his new ranching career after leaving talent management behind (amid allegations of fraud by Clarkson herself), but Clarkson wanted to sell it; the prenup will reportedly now give Clarkson the property. She has celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who is representing her, to thank for the judgment after Wasser reportedly made a strong argument for holding Blackstock to the contract he had signed.

This judgment brings Clarkson closer to finalizing her divorce, but in the meantime, TMZ also reports that her marriage to Blackstock will likely be dissolved any day now — after she had requested that the dissolution be separated from any agreements over custody and property. As she works to make the split official, Clarkson is requesting that the judge legally restore her last name, per The Blast. Us? We’ll just keep calling her Miss Independent.


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