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Producers producing flops


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I've had this idea swimming around in my head for quite some time. I wanted to call out specifically RedOne, but I realized all producers probably go through this. This is basically a thread where we can discuss some big producers who signed and worked with individuals that showed some big potential, but then fell flat either with the hit they were hoping would sell (IE: Porcelain Black) or the aftermath of an album release (IE: Nicki's pop career).


  1. Akon (pre/post Stadium era)
  2. Cher
  3. Cher Lloyd
  4. Esmée Denters
  5. Far East Movement
  6. Havana Brown
  7. Heidi Montag
  8. Jennifer Lopez (after Love?)
  9. Kat DeLuna
  10. Little Boots
  11. Mohombi
  12. Natalia Kills
  13. Nayer
  14. Nicki Minaj (her entire pop-radio career)
  15. Nicole Scherzinger
  16. Pitbull (his entire career)
  17. Porcelain Black
  18. Space Cowboy
  19. Taio Cruz (after T.YO)
  20. Tami Chynn
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Scott Borchetta

1. Cassadee Pope

she had so much potential after winning The Voice her debut single Wasting All These Tears and album went #1 and her debut single also went platinum and the music video landed her a award at the CMT awards but after that the lack of promo they gave her ruined her career I’m so glad she went the indie route.

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