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The Born This Way Ball Tour | Soundboard Audio • Tokyo


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This is so fake. You can tell it's just a "remastered" fan edit of a bootleg.



This is a real soundboard recording. Listen to how clear the vocals/instrumental are and lack of audience screaming, the little cheering you hear in this is from Gaga's mic.

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2 minutes ago, VisKip said:

No, a raw soundboard recording sounds like what has leaked and not what you posted. You posted a video of an online live stream that first was mastered at a studio. Try again gay.

From what I heard, those Japanese bootleggers intercept the audio, but don't always get access to the various mic feeds that get used on stage. So yeah, they get no chance to boost the vocals, clean the mics that pick up audience or remove the mics that are targeted towards the crowd.


It's an illegal bootleg. Sorry that it doesn't add up to your standards, you needy & greedy cock hungry twink.

Uh actually the video I posted is from the Birmingham show lol Why would they randomly record the show and send it to a studio to be mastered? The only livestream we have from artRave is the Paris show. :roll:


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22 hours ago, VisKip said:

They mix & master the video & audio. The audio under that video is in no way the precise audio of that day. Doesn't really matter from what show it was, if it was a recording for press, tv or any public format, then it was carefully edited, mixed, mastered.

The Japanese bootleg is just some guy intercepting the audio feeds. That it doesn't sound polished is not a sign of it being fake & not a soundboard recording.

I had no clue that's how they did things or why that video from Birmingham was even leaked to be honest, thank you for explaining.

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