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Chris Carbo - Fried Egg #IGuessThatCuntGettingPermaed

Main Pop Girl

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This diss track is towards @Aley Eggs no one in particular.


Download: Chris Carbo - Fried Egg



Wait, so what was the question?
Lil Siri want some attention?
Step up to the queen, this bitch must be stressing
Sitting in your basement fat and depressing

I been in this bitch since you incubate
So when you log in, better appreciate
Queen too faggy, lets get this straight
You are the flop that pop really hates

True I'm a whore, I get paid and laid
Tell me the last time you were this slayed?
How do I address you Allie Hughes Andra
Nathan, serve this lawsuit for slander

Bitch off the rails I call the bitch Burmaed
Humour so dry she needs to get spermed
I guess that cunt getting permaed
I guess that cunt getting permaed


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