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Nadia Oh Retired from Music?


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According to the up-most credible source, Wikipedia, therein lies suggestions that Nadia Oh has retired from music. Having only released 2 studio albums and a supposed scrapped mixtape, Oh saw some unlying success, especially in 2008 alongside Space Cowboy while he was teaming up with Lady Gaga. As an early pioneer for the dubstep subgenre, moombahton, Oh capitalized on this new style with her autotuned rap skills. Since the release of a stand-along single, Oh has not released nor talked about any new ventures with music. Do you think it's time for her to take back the spotlight or should she officially retire from music and transition fully to modeling?

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2 hours ago, Countess said:

I'm not sure it's possible for her to retire because I don't think Nadia ever existed at all. :'( I'm pretty sure she was the creation of a partnership between Space Cowboy, Siri, Autotune and some random model and was never really a real person. I guess it was all a...Perfect Illusion. 

What you mean to say is, Gaga killed another upcoming star?? :shocked: 

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