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Can we have an extreme tea thread?


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The biggest tea about celebs is that SUPPOSEDLY Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana are the same person. I still don't know if I believe it, cause Hannah is blonde and Miley is a brunette.  Also Miley is a normal girl from Tennessee with normal issues with boys and school, while Hannah is an international pop star. I don't think that Miley would be able to sing on SOLD OUT concerts tbh. She seems shy.

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I think you should go for it and make this the official thread for all your messy goss! :P I'll be interested to hear all this "alleged" inside info you have. ;) 

Here's the first piece of exxxclusive goss:

Neon Hitch doesn't give her manager any money, but she pays her more than enough in sex. :morning: The two have been lowkey dating for months.

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