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Paloma Faith announces pregnancy and new album


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So the good news is my 4th album is well underway and I am very excited about it. It's actually nearly finished as I type! I have been working with the amazing Jesse Shatkin on it as producer and it has been a real honour. It is called "the architect" and is very aptly named as it leads me on to my next announcement. I am so delighted to tell you I am going to take a short while off to have a baby. I have spent my whole life wanting to be a mother and now the time has come for me to do so. I feel so lucky.

This means I won't be involved in the voice this year or releasing my album this year either.

So while you are all patiently waiting I would like you to know that I am grateful for your continued support and patience and I hope that you will respect my new family with our privacy in a time which should be calm and without anxiety. I really do not want this child to be in the public eye as it won't have chosen to and I hope everyone can understand that.

I am nervous and excited about being a mum and just need to be normal and low key for a while. Pregnancy and motherhood is a very personal thing : daunting, new and worrying at times and I don't want to add to it by having to "look" a certain way when pregnant or be photographed pregnant or with my child. I wasn't raised like that and I don't want my child to be. I want the baby to have the freedom of a normal life.

When I return I will be full of energy and excited to come and sing for you again. I am passionate about my job and what I do in the public eye but consider these to be two separate things, not one in the same.

The album is sounding super exciting and I can't wait to share it with you all. I am very lucky and grateful in the knowledge I will get to do so very soon. Your loyalty is a gift and astounds me every album release. I am grateful for your understanding and promise to return fully fledged when I have had this moment of solitude and new life. I am beyond happy about it.

All my love, respect and gratitude to you all.

The architect- 
Paloma xxxx

Wonderful news from Paloma! I'm so happy for her pregnancy, but at the same time a lil' sad that the break from her music would be longer. How do you feel about it? :D 

but of course I believe that some persons with possibilites would leak new 'oldies' from her, as she has lots of them! Just look down at those unleaked! 

  1. Andelskej Flam
  2. Average Woman Average Man (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  3. Be Your Medicine
  4. Beauty In The Beast
  5. Big Talker
  6. Black Dove
  7. Blase
  8. Bones
  9. Breakfast for Lunch
  10. Crawl
  11. Dirty Thoughts
  12. Dizzy In The Discoheque (Outrageous) (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012) 
  13. Downgraded
  14. Egomaniac
  15. Empty Generation
  16. Face Paint
  17. Fall From Grace (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  18. Femme Fatale
  19. Flood
  20. Fucking Do Something
  21. Get Me Out of Here
  22. He's So Needed
  23. Heart and Sole
  24. Heaven Is Here (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  25. Here's To The New Year (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  26. I Need A Stranger
  27. I Want You
  28. I've Lived (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  29. If You Don't Someone Else Will
  30. Juicy
  31. Kiss of Death
  32. Let's Kiss
  33. Lipstick
  34. Little Sister
  35. Madhouse
  36. Manizer
  37. Night Dancer
  38. Passionless Man
  39. Psycho
  40. Religion
  41. Restless Heart
  42. Russella
  43. Sabotage
  44. Shake
  45. Skeletons
  46. Smoke Rings
  47. Someone Else Will (Unreleased track from Fall to Grace, 2012)
  48. Suspicious
  49. The One That Got Away
  50. Too Late
  51. Two Strangers
  52. Use Me
  53. Valkommen In
  54. Very High Place
  55. Welcome In
  56. What's A Girl Gotta Do
  57. Your Mother
  58. Yours To Keep

@VisKip @Starlight 

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