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Zara Larsson on Dr. Luke and Kesha


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Last year, she also worked with Dr Luke, the hit producer accused of rape by Ke$ha (Luke denies the allegations and claims Ke$ha invented them to get out of a Sony contract with him. Further to Ke$ha filing the claim against Dr Luke, a New York court recently refused to release her from this contract).

“I believe it’s karma,” she says of the case. “I won’t be the one to say whether he raped her or not because I don’t know.” However, she makes a wider point about rape: “Too many women are not being believed when it comes to this. And to be honest, whether he’s a rapist or not, he’s not the nicest guy. He’s very talented, you can’t take that away from him, but where do we draw the line? I think Chris Brown is very talented, too, but I won’t support him because he’s an asshole.” Larsson says she’s thankful she doesn’t work with Dr Luke any more.



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I think she's 100% right, but it's often really hard to know where to draw the line with these things. :/ Celebrities are just people and people aren't perfect, and as outsiders we often feel we have the full facts when really we're missing information. I think that we as audiences we really have to learn to seperate the artists work and their life a little better than we currently do.

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