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Let Me Introduce Myself


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Hello, PHF community!

I go by the name of Hellish on most forums, and some people may recognize the name from LanaBoards. I no longer am active on LanaBoards, and I was looking for a new community to participate in. I have been close with 'trayertrash' for about a year now, and she suggested that I join PHF. 

You can call me Hellish, or you can call me Jason (if we're close :evil:.) 

I am a HUGE music appreciator. I love hearing new music, and I am always perched waiting for my favorite artists' new material to surface. I know a lot of people on this forum trade rare or unreleased music, however, I am not one of the gifted ones to have a lot of unreleased material that other people don't have. So with that in mind, share the love!

I hope to get to know all of the forum regulars, and I hope you get to know me!

See you around!

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I'm happy to say hello to you! Feel free to express yourself and write what you want. We really appreciate different opinions! :) I hope that you're going to be satisfied with the forum! 

Don't know if you're into Birdy, but I hope that you will listen or even buy her album after it release ;) Same goes for Josef Salvat, his album is out tommorow! 


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