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Barbie Gets Three New Body Types

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Barbie’s getting a make-over, and one that has been a long time in the making. TIME revealed Thursday that Mattel is unveiling new bodies for the iconic toy, which will allow customers to buy their dolls in three different versions: tall, petite, and curvy. 

It’s not the first major change that Barbie has undergone: last year, Mattel introduced new skin textures and hair to reflect a more diverse society, as well as the option to remove Barbie’s age-old high heels with adjustable ankles. But this is the first time the doll’s body will be altered, and the first time children will be able to truly see themselves represented in a toy. The project was so secretive, it was kept under wraps at Mattel’s headquarters and known only as “Project Dawn.” 

“The millennial mom is a small part of our consumer base, but we recognize she’s the future,” Evelyn Mazzocco, head of Barbie brand tells TIME. The new dolls will be sold exclusively on Mattel.com and hit stores later in the year. 


While I'm super happy that they're representing different body types and ethnicities, I can't help but feel like this just isn't really Barbie? I would have preferred it if they'd released all these dolls under different names and gave them all their own backstories and just kept Barbie as Barbie, but I guess they wouldn't sell as well without the name. :/ 

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16 hours ago, High Princess said:

I'm really happy with these new barbies tbh, they're so cute! I know what you mean though, they don't really seem like Barbie but hopefully we can make them feel like the normal barbie in the future once people get used to them.

Yeah, right? I just like the idea of having Barbie as a blonde haired, blue eyed, kind of dumb housewife and I don't think any of these either dolls fit that image. :stretcher: But you're right, hopefully in the future every one of these dolls will be given the chance to be just as dumb as the original Barbie. :P 

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