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My Top 10 Albums of 2015

Matilda Mantis

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2015 is over so here is my top 10 albums of 2015:


10. Gagged EP- Violet Chachki

A release meant to leach off the finale of Rupaul's Drag Race Season Seven (which she won), that is rather good, leaving behind Drag pop and replacing it with grimy Industrial Dance that would make even the Pope get down in dirrrty on the floor. Although weak in some spots it's confidence takes it far. Standout: Bettie


9. 25 - Adele

Although rather boring, this album is pure Adele and ventures new territory and maturity.Standout: Send My Love


8. The Pale Emperor - Marilyn Manson 

More blues than rock, this album is his most reflective yet. Standouts: Killing Strangers


7. Rebel Heart - Madonna

Madonna, the eternal Pop girl, has some fun with this playful album. Standout: Bitch I'm Madonna


6. Lovur - L1

A new band, fronted by the Drag queen Starlet Skarlet, released their debuet album and it is so good, imagine Lana Del Rey on heroin in a factory. Standout: #1 Crush

5. Taxidermy - Sharon Needles

Although rather chesey in parts, this al um is a good time. Standout: Lucy

4. Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Pets

Experimental, young, naive, high. Standout: 1 Sun

3. Deleruim - Ellie Goulding

Hook after hook makes this the most catchy listen of 2015. Standout: Codes

2. Vulnicura - Björk

Heartbreaking and emotional. Standout: Black Lake

1.Collxtion One - Allie X

A awesome collxtion of songs that shake pop to it's core. Also check out the rerelease featuring the catchy song Never Enough. Standout: Bitch

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