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Azealia Banks most emotional interview

Baby V Alex

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Shit just got real Anonymous joins in


Is this like when they were gonna leak Emma Watson's nudes? :wave:

Also, what did she say about Ferguson other than it was a serious issue that Azealia was demeaning? Azealia is the one who called a black man a "shoe shining coon". :vacuum: #CaseDismissed

I agree with you, I read every Iggy tweet for the last month and itch only blams Banks for using it as promo, and bitch i right about it. Anonymous are just beeing silly.

Q - Tip gives Iggy a lesson about the history of Hip - Hop


like I said over LB

"He did it the right way, not just bashing her, he gave her a lesson, wich I hope Igloo takes, and improve her game, because she needs it."

I'm not sure why he thinks she didn't know any of that, but at least he expressed himself well and respectfully! I'm not sure what people want her to do tho...like she clearly can't sing pop and enjoys rapping, and she obviously can't dye her skin black, so what do people want from her? :stretcher:

I don't know either, Banks want her to says she is pop, when she is not, people are buying her stuff that's why they are getting awards, I don't think she will win the Grammy, but the other awards are fan voted or sales involved, and bitch has a huge fan base and sold a lot of records, so take those awards from her would be bad, if she is racist or not, all those "proofs" are old like Madonna, so I don't thinks so, I know that I'm not proud of some stuff I did back in the day, so I guess Iggy neither. Azealia turning this to something political is bad, because what's next? Only black & latin people will be able to listen and make hip-hop? Really? Also Banks is beeing fake, I mean, she is Lana's friend, and Lana say that lots of her song are hip-hop, isn't she doing kinda the same that Iggy? And don't let me start on the Playground rap tbh.

YASSS PREACH IT GORL. :hail: Tbh, if Iggy has to say she's pop, then Azealia should say that she's EDM, given that her only hit was just a rip off of a Lazy Jay song. :vacuum: Furthermore, if Iggy isn't allowed to rap, then Azealia shouldn't be able to use any EDM influences in her music, given that that's a genre that originated in Germany and Azealia definitely isn't German. :magic: Azealia just has a tacky vendetta against Iggy over her use of the word "pussy" and is using any means necessary to try and justify her hatred.

I don't think she'll win a Grammy either, but even if she did, it really wouldn't mean anything given meaningless the Grammy's have become in the past decade or so. I mean, when was the last time anyone actually agreed with any of the nominations for album of the year the Grammy's have put forward? :stretcher:

Ask Azealia to join the forum and read this lecture we are giving to herself

Also Carcass I love that BANKS too, but if i refering them as Azealia & Azalea, it would be a damn mess, so I go with Iggy and Banks to make it easier

Love me, love me, please retweet! :magic:

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