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Lifetime Attempts To Destroy Aaliyah's Legacy


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Okay, I'm not usually one who ends up agreeing with the general public on a lot of things. I think Nickelback is one of the most underrated rock bands of our generation. I think David Spade is the greatest comedian of all time. I think Ugg boots are the ugliest shoes in the world and I think Limp Bizkit is better than The Beatles. That being said, after watching Lifetime's 'Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B'  I will agree with every one else that watch this filth and say this was completely disrespectful to the legacy of Aaliyah.

First, let's just state that the cast didn't resemble the characters they played at all. How they gonna get some skinny light skinned bitch to play Missy Elliot. Did they even try to get someone else? Okay, let's be real though, the casting department probably couldn't find people that looked exactly like them, or even close at all, but hey, if they hired some really good, hell, even decent actors, their appearance shouldn't matter right? I mean, look at The People vs. Larry Flint (like any of y'all have actually seen it :stretcher:) the cast looked nothing like the characters they were playing, but everyone did such a fantastic job that their appearance didn't matter, they took on the rolls and became the characters! Oh... too bad Lifetime wasn't able to do that. :/

Two, Aaliyah's family was highly against this movie. Even Zendaya - who was originally slated to play Aaliyah quit the movie saying "The main reasons were the production value wasn't there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn't being handled delicately considering the situation.... Therefore, I felt not really morally okay with moving forward with the project." I think anyone who's kept up with Aaliyah's family over the years knows that they have been against any sort of movie portraying her - in fact one movie was completely canceled because they were against it. While I used to think that was a bit much, I must say that after seeing this film I completely understand. I was just a fan of hers and seeing this movie angered me. I felt like they just tried to make a few bucks off of Aaliyah's name and didn't really care about the script nor production quality of the film at all. I can't image what her family is feeling right now - having their loved ones associated with something so fucking... shitty.

Three, let's just discuss the R Kelly scenes. If you don't know, R Kelly & Aaliyah were married when she was 15 and he was 27(?) The film portrayed it as some dulled down Romeo & Juliet 'oh my parents don't understand our love!' when the reality is is that R Kelly was a child molesting sexual predator that used Aaliyah's emotions to get a piece of pussy. Sorry, Aaliyah probably felt it was true love or something, and maybe it was for her, but c'mon, she was 15, her parents had every right to disagree with their marriage, especially to a grown ass man creeping on a child!

Four, I could've probably saved myself the misery of remembering this 'film' as this could possibly sum of everything wrong with it - Wendy 'MJ Nose' Williams produced it.  :vacuum: And can we discuss how she's been promoting herself as a die-hard Aaliyah stan, yet didn't even know the name of one of her songs?

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As someone on Twitter said, "I'm not a huge fan of this overrated corpse" BUT it's annoying when artists that you're a fan of have their story mishandled and mismanaged. :'( The whole thing with R. Kelly was super fucked up to begin with and it seems really dodgy that they were trying to portray it in such a positive light tbh. And lbr, Missy and Timbo look exactly the same as they did back in the 90's, they should have just been hired to play themselves. :morning: I'm not sure why Lifetime didn't just handle this whole situation the right way, involve Missy, Timbo and Aaliyah's family in the film and make sure they were telling the right version of the story which everyone associated thinks she would agree with.

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