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Ke$ha's court documents from Dr. Luke Lawsuit leak


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Pop superstar Kesha Rose Sebert has brought forward big allegations against Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, accusing the renowned producer of rape and attempting to exert "suffocating control" over her life for a decade.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, goes all the way back to Kesha's life in Nashville, Tenn., where she was allegedly induced by Dr. Luke to drop out of high school and leave her life behind at the age of 18.

From there, Kesha details how she signed up with Dr. Luke's music production company in 2005 and came under the thumb of a producer whose "despicable conduct" included bragging how he liked to get girls drunk and have sex with them and blackmailing his pregnant wife into getting an abortion by not speaking to her for six months and threatening to leave.

The most incendiary allegations revolve around sexual abuse

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God, this is horrifying! :shocked: I don't think anyone looking at either of them would have ever imagined that he was capable of this or that she was suffering through it...Honestly I'm not sure he can be blamed for "making" her drop out of school, and I'm also not sure how he "forced" her to snort illegal drugs. I'm also not sure why his wife or his sexual history is being alluded to in the case either, although both of those stories are pretty horrible as well.

The sexual abuse claim is pretty horrendous tho. If she really did go to the emergency room then she should have had a rape kit administered so there should be undeniable proof that he attacked and abused her. If it's proven true, I hope his ass gets sent to jail for a long, long time. :vacuum:

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