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Azealia Banks Gets Her House Back


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:stretcher: YASSSS AZEALIA! I was so worried after she sold her house just to fund her album which then went unreleased...I'm so glad that she was able to rent a broom cupboard with the profits of that 'Bad Girl' remix. :hail:

But omg, the comments on that video. :stretcher:

For those who still don't get it, I do. It is obvious the song is about bringing down the USA to form an unelected world banking government hell bent on the depopulation of the earth by 90%, na tu kewl. For those of you who have been miseducated by college courses funded by the very same Elame who produced and were a part of this film that left us The Georgia Guide Stones and have been taught (that because you borrowed money to get a higher paying slave job) that you are the elite, you are not.

@njiuma There is no continent or country named 'America'. We are a group of independent sovereign state republics banding together to form the United States. If you are awake, then stop using their 235 years worth of New World Order Brainwashing Terminology when the inbred British Monarchy that controls our monetary system to this day sent us to The Americas, to The New World to set up their New World Order. I am a Real US Citizen, not a Good American, like Hugo Chavez. VERBALMILITIA marc27

I can't. :shocked:

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