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Hollywood Hat appreciation post


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Honey badger don't give a fuck about NY anymore I guess  :morning:

Remember the two finger ring? She wore that like every performance/photoshoot and them it was just gone. Same with the huge hoop earrings and recently the greenstone ring. At least she's branching out from her "little white dress" routine during shows :)


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Yeah, some of them have just been tacky. I think I saw the Lolla mumu in Urban Outfitters tbh. Plus the ratchet blue/green/gold metallic eyeshadow. She's said in interviews that it's all her stylist, and that she doesn't really care about/know how to dress. Let's go shake Johnny Blue Eyes until he styles her vintage and cute again, instead of Hollywood emocore hipster. Idk it just kind of pains me to see how poorly her stylists have been dressing her, seeing as she's like the most beautiful woman on earth. But maybe I'm just biased, since most of my "look" comes from her hip-hop vintage Americana days. 

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Omg, sis loves that hat! I love the Ferrari jacket too tbh, it's cute. I haven't really had a problem with anything she's worn recently tho - my main problem is more with her hair and makeup. That huge beauty queen hair she had around the 'National Anthem' era was a total mess. :morning:

That hair was an architectural marvel not of this world.

how in the



[img width=189 height=320] Lana+Del+Rey+5.jpg


[img width=224 height=320] Lana+Del+Rey.jpg

does this work

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Operator: Hi, what size would you want you Bumpits! to be?

Me: Do you guys have Beauty Queen High?

Operator: No...

Me: Sparkle Jump Rope Queen's Crown?

Operator: Uh...no?

Me: But you do have Lana Del Rey's size, right?

Operator: Lana Del who?

Me: Sorry, Lana Del Reysus.

Operator: Oh yes, along with that Bumpit! you get the 'Born To Die' CD along with the 'Paradise' EP, and all the singles CDs and remix EPs and a DVD containing all of the music videos along with a ticket for two for the screening of 'Tropico' and it will cost $500.

Me: Bye.


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I don't even know how


she can keep her head up

[img width=450 height=657] Lana+Del+Rey+Salvatore+Ferragamo+OAALA+4

with all these extensions and accessories and bumpits

[img width=468 height=761] lana-del-rey-lovebox-2012-hair.jpg

sorry for the large images; I am ignorant of how to resize them on this forum

you and i both suck at the html on this site

But yeah! Wow. Let me try that!

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