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Drake - Nothing Was The Same

Kevinn Edu

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1. Tuscan Leather

2. Furthest Thing

3. Started From The Bottom

4. Wu-Tang Forever

5. Own It

6. Worst Behavior

7. From Time

8. Hold On, We're Going Home

9. Connect

10. The Language

11. 305 To My City' Feat. Detail

12. Too Much

13. Pound Cake' Feat. Jay Z / Paris Morton Music 2

Deluxe Edition

14. Come Thru

15. All Me.

iTunes Deluxe Edition

16. Girls Love Beyonce

17. 5 AM In Toronto

18. The Motion

19. On My Way

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Liar, the album's not even out yet! :vacuum:

And alright, I'll check out some of her stuff. ;) I still have to listen to that Asian gurl tho omg. I need more time in the day!

But it's Drake. His music is predictable. There a few love songs, songs about how 'she' got away, another one where he creatively shows her point of view, sex, weed, and one club banger. :morning:

She's amazing tbh.

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