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Hello Everybody !^^


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Ok, it's What's up contraction !^^

Yeah, French's my main language ! 2247O1S.gif

I've always wanted to learn French. Back in grade school, French was an option, but I opted out for Spanish...of which I remember about 2%. I think French is a really pretty language. I had friends who had taken the class and I was always jealous of how nice it sounds in comparison.

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French is a good language to learn, I think, but all the Conjugations are really awful to learn....I like better the english language, even if I'm not good in it ! aVHgzOs.gif

I think learning the English language, if you're not explicitly raised in it, is actually a really difficult language to learn. For example...







There are so many of these situations. Unlike the first one, at least you can sound out "quit", "quite", and "quiet", but it can be confusing for someone just learning the language. As for the first one, you just gotta know grammar rules.

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