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What a girl wants


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I just can't with some of these comments, omfg.

that milf turns me on, the way she grabs those vegetables and the dilldo damn i wanna F you and give you my best

Great advice straight to the point ,to be honest with a woman about size of your man hood ,but if you need a bigger one or smaller one try us at Sextoyshopit.co.uk

Mine is 7 inch large or small


This was very educational. I'm a cucumber guy and it's not all it's cracked up to be. I hurt women all the time!

i just click on mute, drop my pants and wank it to this beautiful face :DDD!. jk, ur hot tho...!
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I wish she'd shut up about puns. Telling people you're going to use puns doesn't make them funny...

Anyway, just because a guy is smaller doesn't mean he should have to do more work. I've have sex with someone who was 11 inches that couldn't last more than 5 minutes at the most and was AWFUL at sex, I've also had sex with a guy who was 4 inches (Mo) who was really really good. Size has nothing to do with it, it's how you work it. If you can't work your dick that well, you need to get to lickin' tbh.

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