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Melissa McCarthy - "This is 40" out take

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Love her on Mike & Molly, I actually watched Bridesmaids because of her and because Britney is in the soundtrack

lmao but like Bridesmaids was sooooo good! is mike & molly any good?

OMFG. :stretcher:

The only thing I've seen her in is Bridesmaids, but I think I'll have to check out The Heat because this is hilarious and everyone's telling me how good it is. :hail:

Is This Is 40 any good? And should I get into Lena Dunham/Girls? Halp plz.

omg yes you have too it was super funny! and idk i've never watched i might download it today when i do i'll let ya know and i though girls was good, but like a lot of people didn't so i don't want to tell you to AND YOU'LL HATE IT

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