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I Draw Sometimes


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I got bored today and started drawing things. Any advice on how to approve is greatly appreciate

(I know, I SUCK at shading, I'm too lazy to even attempt to learn to do it properly tbh)

First one I did was this for a friend's birthday card, took me like 2 minutes lol


The second was an attempt to draw Marilyn Manson. I used another drawing as a reference & it flopped. Took 15-20 minutes

[img width=650 height=487]


Third was 2D from Gorillaz, took about 20 minutes.

[img width=650 height=487]


Finally, Gorillaz heads. I spent 3 1/2 hours on this & this is the only one I really put a lot of effort into.(Also used other drawings as references)

[img width=650 height=866]


Older drawings


[img width=650 height=487]


Harley Quinn

[img width=640 height=480]


Tina from Bob's Burgers

[img width=650 height=487]


& a random pic of me when I was 18 & was a hardcore JoBro stan :dead:

[img width=650 height=519]


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