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Ariana Grande


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So I'm a little peeved that she decided to change the direction of the album. After hearing "Pink Champagne", "Do You Love Me", "Put Your Hearts Up", I was actually really forward to this album. It's fun, cutesy, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Although, when I heard "The Way", I was also really impressed with the song choice. News of Grande scrapping the original album makes me sad though. It also raises a question. How the hell is this chick keeping such a tight hold on her songs? Aside from the demo for "Do You Love Me", pretty much nothing else from her has leaked. I don't even know about anyone who has her studio stuff. Anywho, what are your thoughts on the young red-haired starlet?

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On 1/18/2019 at 3:52 PM, Cypher said:

Big Sean and Naya Rivera! If you haven't had a chance, read Naya's Sorry, Not Sorry. It's a pretty interesting read tbh.

:orly: Interesting! I have to say there's something about Naya's tell all book which seems a little disingenuous, but she doesn't seem like a liar so I guess I believe her. I always knew Ari was a snake... ?

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