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Regarding the Downtime...

Main Pop Girl

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Hey you guys!

I thought I'd just make a quick post to talk to you guys about the recent downtime we had. Basically what happened is that we were trying to intall our new shop and arcade features, but in the process our forum decided to completely die on us! As I don't have a good knowledge of the software used to run our forum, it's often pretty difficult for me to fix problems by myself - so I have to contact my host, the Simple Machines Forum team, and the shop and arcade add-on developers, all of which takes a lot of time! This is the reason for the downtime taking a lot longer than expected.

Again, I'm really sorry it took so long for the forum to come back up, as I honestly thought it would take only a few days! Thanks a lot for your patience, and hopefully it won't happen again!


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