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Hey you guys!

So just to let you know, PopHatesFags is now compatible with Tapatalk. According to the website:

Tapatalk is an award winning app for forums with lot of features. Whether it is the hassle-free photo sharing, instant push notification or advanced features such as discussion moderation, there are a lot to love Tapatalk

Tapatalk unfolds the great fun of forum hopping, helping you to discover intriguing discussions and photos on-the-go.

Basically it's an easy way to look at all the forums you're active on through your Apple or Android device. I haven't used it yet, but Dayfid tells me it's a great app and we have him to thank for suggesting it!

If you download it, don't forget to tell us what you think below. ;)

P.S.: Sorry the forum's been a little slow lately. I've been working really hard at a new job I'm doing so I haven't had much time to focus on you guys, but things will be getting a lot better soon!

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aww thank you boo! well it's just a part time job at a sweet shop hahahaha! but as i'm going to university in a few weeks that's pretty much all i can do right now! <3

Ah, something to pass the time. Extra funding never hurt anyone! Best of luck! ;)

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