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Found 5 results

  1. Joan

    Halsey Manic

    Does anyone have halsey Manic, japanese deluxe?
  2. Skinny Legend

    Halsey Caught Snorting Coke

    Demi Lovato could never!
  3. Tweener

    GRAMMY Week Fashion!

    Yesterday, one of the biggest events of the Los Angeles social scene, namely the annual Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Party, took place. Presented in association with the Recording Academy, the party is among the most coveted invitations of Grammy week. Past events have featured show-stopping performances from Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams. But Clive Davis's party is just one of many that swamp GRAMMY week. Here are some of the celebrities attending them. Undoubtedly, the best-dressed award goes to Demi Lovato who looked absolutely stunning at the Pre-GRAMMY Brunch. The 24-year-old attended the event with Roc Nation. At the same party, we spotted another A-list star - Rihanna, who nailed this amazing outfit. When it comes to male celebs, we have to admit that Pete Wentz looked absolutely gorgeous at the Clive Davis Party. Speaking of male artists, we can't snub Zayn - duh! Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, also made an appearance at the Clive Davis Party. While her outfit was banging and her figure looks amazing (the queen is back!), there was something weird about her make-up. Please, take a moment to appreciate this amazing look Nicole Scherzinger served at the Clive Davis Party as well. There was also Rita Ora. Her look would be perfect, but gurl...you need to take care of these eyebrows ASAP. We also encountered some not-so-good looks this GRAMMY season. Firstly, Lorde in her boring dress. Who wears a dress over a shirt in the 21st century? While she served an amazing look in 2012, this time Jessie J decided to ruin her look with an atrocious outfit. However, her makeup and jewellery was on point. Of course, there's a special place in hell reserved for Halsey who looked very mediocre in her jumpsuit. And yes...she has grills on her teeth... Kris Jenner decided to channel her inner Sia and wore a chandelier. Whose GRAMMY Week look did you like the most? Maybe it didn't make the list. Make sure to post your opinion in the comments below!
  4. Skinny Legend

    Halsey STRANGLES A Fan?!

    I feel so bad for this girl tbh. All she wanted was an autograph and that snake treated her like garbage. I honestly don't understand how people can still stan Halsey after this, she deserves to be arrested. #JailHalsey
  5. Alt-pop up and comer Halsey has become the subject of controversy today over predictably petty social media happenings. Fans who went to check her official Twitter page today were left perplexed in the face of a message saying that the account "doesn't exist". There was no clear explanation for the deletion, but many are pointing to Instagram drama as the source of all problems. On the second of April, the popstar posted an image of a person kissing a mannequin with text overlaid reading "Everything is changing and I don't know where I fit". The image immediately blew up when it was discovered that Halsey had not made the image herself but had predictably found the image on Tumblr and failed to credit the original artist. The comments became more and more vitriolic after it was said that Halsey had blocked the original artist on Instagram from commenting on the image. However, as it turned out, Instagram had automatically blocked the artists comments after they had commented too many times on the work. While her Twitter account has been closed, the Instagram photo in question is still up with a current count of 157 000 likes and almost 10 000 comments. The hatred is still spreading on the page, with people calling the artist "ugly", a "waste of oxygen" and telling her to kill herself. For her part, Halsey has updated the caption of the image to read "Photo by @affectioms sorry I didn't know." While we're hardly the biggest fans of Halsey in the world, and artists definitely deserve credit for their original work, the amount of spiteful remarks aimed towards Halsey in this case is clearly unjustified. Images are regularly reposted around Instagram and Tumblr without credit, and while Halsey, as a public figure, should expect negativity as her brand becomes larger, the original artist should also expect a lack of credit for their work when they post it to these websites. What are your thoughts on the situation? Are you glad Halsey deactivated her account to avoid the haters, or should she have fought back? Let us know in the comments down below!

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