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  1. Fine I’ll answer you, it’s allegedly circulating... due to one person on here who claims to have it
  2. I have the same question regarding the dua lmao— only title was known, haven’t heard of either circulating
  3. Yeah but those songs aren’t even incredibly rare anymore lmao
  4. Well it is circulating... bc they bought it & are reselling lol
  5. Hey I’ve wanted this for so long, lmk if you somehow find someone with it
  6. Um.. yeah actually... I don’t think he wants to talk about it in depth tho. But it’s basically complications regarding business stuff. He might not be coming back
  7. Yep. It’s honestly such a tropical bop. However I surprisingly had never heard whatever song the first snippet was. So idk what that one is & I don’t have it. But I kinda do want it, it sounds like a bop too lol
  8. So is the discord still down? When can I get in? Lol
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